Here are a few package ideas to get you started and thinking about how Smart Home Automation can work for you. Our add-ons page offers suggestions on ways to expand your system to suit your needs.

Contact us for a free consultation so that we can help design your system to fit your budget. Our packages include hardware, installation and programming. Combine more than one package and save!

4 Zone Audio Package  -  $4899.00

Our main system contoller runs all the operations of your smart home audio and video systems, and can communicate with third party systems. It connects to the internet and introduces content (streaming music services and shared music from network attached storage devices). A wireless music bridge allows for any wireless smart phones, tablets and computers to send whatever music is playing on that device to the bridge and in turn can be fed into any of the music zones/rooms. The amplifier provides power to the speakers in each room and will power four rooms with a pair of speakers in each room. This allows for different music sources to be played in different rooms at the same time.

8 Zone Audio Package  -  $7899.00

This package has all the same features as the 4 Zone Audio Package but for 8 rooms of music.

Theatre Control Package  -  $4449.00

This package starts off with our main system crontoller which does all the thinking, and communicates with a variety of audio video equipment including stereo, TV and other A/V sources so that they all turn on together and switch to the correct inputs based on your selection. This system comes with a hand held universal remote control with a screen for easy navigation and source selection. It includes a media player (apple TV or similar), a Denon surround sound receiver, and Monitor Audio MASS speaker package which consists of 5 speakers and a subwoofer.

10 Pack Lighting Package  -  $3399.00

This system comes complete with a controller capable of running complex lighting scenes and schedules. It can also be expanded to handle other automation features such as entertainment, irrigation, HVAC and more. The package includes 10 select forward phase light dimmers which are standard for incandescent lights (LED dimmers are also available) which can be programmed to create beautiful lighting moods in any room of your house. Altermatively, they can be used for security by installing them for outdoor lights, main hallways and larger rooms, and programmed to run on a schedule while you are away from your house. This way your house looks lived in, even when you are not home. Outside lights can flash in the event of a break-in or fire alarm to warn neighbours and passers by that help is required.

Shabbos Package  -  $3099.00

This system is much like the 10 Pack Lighting System however, this package has a 6 Pack Lighting System along with 2 automated outlets for a hotplate, lamp, or anything else that requires a pre-programmed on/off. 

Add 4site service to maximize your home's intelligence - $145.00 / year  

This is where things get even more exciting...think about features that you might want to add to your basic package. Here are a couple of examples of what smart home automation can do with the 4site service:

Add a thermostat to your package - Control your home's temperature from anywhere in the world with 4site service. Tie into your security ststem so that when a fire is detected, the furnace turns off to slow the rate of burn and reduce the amount of smoke circulating throughout the house.

Add a door lock to your package - Gain the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your kids are home by getting a text message when they enter the house with 4site service. You can also program your system so that when your youngster enters his/her door lock code, the TV automatically turns on to their favourite channel, the kitchen lights come up so that he/she can enjoy a snack, and the thermostat ensures that the house is set to a comfortable temperature.