Smart Home Products

When it comes to Home Automation, one size never fits all. That’s why we carry several product lines so that we can customize a solution for each home owner. Our 20+ years in the industry has made us experts in Home Automation, Home Theatre, Audio/Video Distribution, Lighting Control, Home Security and Surveillance, Home Climate Control, Remote Home Appliance Control, and so much more. You may be on the go, but you can still control your home or office remotely from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Get email or text alerts, one touch programming and intelligent updates so that you are in control no matter where life takes you.

Home Automation: Imagine a home where lighting adjusts automatically to the time of day, music follows you from room to room, and a myriad of other automatic options are available at the touch of a button, even from a remote location. Now imagine that home is your home.

Home Theatre: Dreaming of an amazing new home theatre? Our experts will help you create an authentic cinema experience in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We’ll work with you to design and equip your home cinema for optimal viewing enjoyment, no matter how small or large your space or your budget.

Audio/Video Distribution: Audio and video equipment can be experienced throughout the whole living environment without having to purchase separate entertainment systems or individual components for each room. With only one streaming media player, you can watch a movie from any television in the house. A number of audio components can be distributed to any room with discrete speakers. These audio/video components can all be controlled with either a simple volume control or more advanced keypads or touch panels. 

Lighting Control: Whether you are building new or simply wish to update the existing lighting system in your home or office, we provide a complete array of lighting solutions. Our specialized lighting control systems will dramatically reduce energy costs, improve convenience, and add value to your home or business. We offer a broad range of lighting possibilities, including:

  • Mood lighting

  • Remote control lighting systems

  • Integrated lighting

  • Home theater lighting

Security and Surveillance: The security of your home or business is among your highest priorities. When you’re choosing your security systems, you want to know you’re getting the very best protection against theft, fire, intruders, and other emergencies. We’re serious about security and will provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your property, budget, and security needs. 

Home Climate Control: With remote thermostat control, you can not only adjust your home’s temperature from your phone, tablet, or laptop, you will also save money on energy. Smart technology can sense when you have left the house and will automatically adjust the temperature so that you are not heating/cooling an empty home or office. 

Motorized Window Coverings: The ability to open and close your shades and shutters remotely allows for energy savings by shading out the heat of the sun, and protection of your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays. 

Irrigation Systems: Monitor and control your irrigation systems so that you can override the programming when faced with a water ban due to a drought, or if you require more watering when you are away. 

Remote Household Appliance Control: Wolf and Sub-Zero are two well known brands that make compatible applicances that you can control remotely with your Home Automation System. With these appliances, you no longer have to worry about the turkey that’s in the oven. You can get on with your day and monitor your cooking or baking from your phone.

More… Temperature drop control for furnace breakdowns, water damage control and remote shut off, fire and CO2 detection and alterts, energy consumption monitoring… The extent to which your Home Automation System can help with your peace of mind is virtually endless.

Not only will you be in control of your home or office from any location, the energy savings alone will offset the cost your system, making it an excellent investment.