What is a smart home & how will it benefit me?

Home Automation is Smart because it saves you energy, time and money. Here’s how…

Energy Savings:

  • Stop heating / cooling your home when you are not there. Climate contol can also extend to turning on/off your gas fireplace.

  • Energy consumption monitoring will tell you where you are wasting energy so that you can make adjustments.

  • Automated window coverings offer security and engery savings. Closed blinds keep the hot sun out and the harmful UV rays from damaging your floors, furniture and art.

  • Preprogrammed lighting scenes and motion sensors offer great ambiance, and will keep lights from being left on in empty rooms.

  • By dimming up rather than switching lights on, you can control bulb output and extend the life of your lightbulbs by up to 25%. LED conversion and retrofit will save even more energy throughout your home or office.

Security comes in many forms:

  • There is more to security than video surveilance and an alarm system although these are the basics.

  • Optional packages allow you to be alterted to Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detection even when you are not home. 

  • Fire detection can shut off your furnace to reduce burn rate and stop smoke from circulation through the HVAC.

  • Water leak detection and shut off in the event that your pipes burst.

  • Low temperature alerts let you know when your furnace is not functioning.

  • Door lock and contact notifications with multi-user identification. This feature will let you know when your kids come home, your cleaning help arrives, or your handyman has left without properly locking up. 

Whole Home Entertainment:

  • Control and distrubute music throughout your entire home – including streaming from your own devices and access to internet content.

  • Stream video from one central media player to any TV in your home with the touch of a button.

  • Create your dream home theatre with a true cinema experience.

Remote Access:

  • Ever leave your home or office and wonder if you turned out the lights or locked the door? With our systems you will never look back again. You can control almost anything you like from your smart phone, tablet or computer from virtually anywhere. 

  • Prepare your cottage so that it’s comfortable when you arrive with the touch of a button. You can pull up to a well lit driveway/entrance and the temperature will be perfect. 

  • You are in control 24/7/365 with the touch of a button, simple programming, and our support whenever you need it!

Peace of mind is priceless:

  • Knowing your family is safe. 

  • Knowing your home systems are functioning.

  • Knowing your home/office/cottage is secure.

  • Knowing that if anything happens you will be alerted by email or text.

  • Knowing that saving energy feels good from both an environmental and an economic standpoint.

Live better and live smarter with a Smart Home System from the Guru!