Smart Lighting for Energy Savings and Convenience

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Innovative home automation systems allow us to have incredible control, ease and flexibility with the lighting in our homes. New home lighting automation systems are sassier than ever, with more features and ease of use like never before.

With home lighting automation you can pre-program mood lighting options for every room in your house. With the touch of a button you can have bedtime lighting, dinner party lighting, family game night lighting or any option you can think of. Once you’re settled on the sofa, just choose movie night and sit back and relax as the lights dim.

Set your system to turn off lights in empty rooms. Dim bulbs in rooms you want a light on in but are not actively using.

Motion sensors trigger outdoor security lights. Or program a vacation mode setting which randomizes lights on and off in your house to make it look like someone is home when you’re away.

Drift off to sleep with a gradually decreasing light, or create a slowly dimming night-light for kids. Alternatively, you can set an increasing wake-up lighting feature that simulates the sunrise on those dark winter mornings.

Smartphone access lets you see which lights are on when you’re not home. So you can adjust individual room lights remotely if you leave home in a hurry or realize you will be home later than you thought.

Your home lighting system can be completely integrated to interact and share remote access with your automated A/V, security and heating and cooling systems. So go ahead and set your lights to party mode and watch them dance to the beat of your music.

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