Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

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New smart home technology makes retrofitting a viable option for 2015

Breaking news: you no longer need to build a new house in order to have the latest in integrated smart home technology. Retrofitting your existing home is now a practical and affordable option.

Experienced home automation professionals are now offering a wide range of solutions designed to work around many of the issues you would have come across in the past when retrofitting an older home.

“Retrofitting has traditionally offered some serious challenges to having a functioning and energy efficient smart home,” says Justin Brooks of Smart Home Guru. “Extensive wiring and re-wiring was costly and inconvenient to install in an older home, making retrofitting an expensive, time consuming and messy project full of pitfalls and unexpected problems”.

But the days of retrofitting difficulties are over, as many companies are now offering wireless components specifically designed for retrofitting and upgrading existing systems. This new wireless technology is both effective and energy efficient, and offers smooth, clean and surprise-free installation.

Smart tech products entering the market this year include intelligent upgrades to your security systems, lighting, thermostat and smoke alarms to turn them into fully integrated smart components to your new or retrofitted home automation system.

State of the art wireless technology means 2015 is looking to be a great year to turn your home into a smart home!

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